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The specialty of periodontology is characterised by diagnosis and treatment of patients with infections and medical conditions of the tissues surrounding teeth and dental implants. As a specialist training dentist in periodontology you will gain in-depth knowledge within investigation, diagnostics and treatment of infections in the tissue around teeth and dental implants. This specialty offers regenerative and reconstructive treatments around teeth and implants for bone and soft tissue defects as well as replacements with dental implants.  

 The field of competence includes inter alia 

  • advanced knowledge of infections of the tissues that surround teeth and dental implants, 
  • surgical and non-surgical treatment methods for periodontal diseases and conditions, 
  • regeneration and reconstruction of the tissues that surround teeth and dental implants, 
  • reconstruction of tissue that has been lost due to periodontal diseases and conditions, 
  • knowledge of the connections between diseases and conditions of the tissues that surround the teeth and dental implants and general health.