Healthcare Consulting

We are Swedish Healthcare!
Our healthcare consulting services can firstly help you enhance quality, secondly increase efficiency and thirdly cut costs within existing services.

Through government partnerships, we offer knowledge based on Sweden’s successful public health system that can take your medical management to the next level. As fellow medical workers, we understand the complex nature of health protection. We pride ourselves in understanding your needs and offering the best advice based on your situation.

To ensure a consistently high level of care, while managing costs, we must evolve. By working together, sharing ideas, experiences and advice from fellow healthcare providers, Skåne Care can help you achieve this. 

Whether you seek to ambitiously upgrade your entire healthcare system, as we did in a Government-to-Government collaboration with Saudi Arabia or focus on a single task to establish a stroke path, as we did in Ajman, we can help. 

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E-Health & Digital Prescriptions

Find out how we can help digitize

your health service

Home Care

Want to know more about Swedish experiences in patient centric home care? 

Quality Registries

Access our wealth of

Quality Registries knowledge

Diabetes Care

We can improve your

diabetes prevention and care

Elderly Care

Let us help you improve

your healthcare pathways.

Primary Care

Optimize your system with

our primary care model


Contact us for improved,

integrated mental healthcare

Stroke Care

We can fast-track your stroke care


Dentistry and Oral Health

Let us help you provide

world-class oral health

Hospital Design

Creating & maintaining

cutting-edge facilities

Trauma Care

We can improve your trauma care


Haematology Diseases

Access to world-class knowledge


Tissue bank

Collaboration and access to our

extensive tissue and biobank

Our Offer 

Our healthcare managers have over time developed the Swedish model – and are ready to take your healthcare to the next level. We offer you a government partnership where we bring the learning points from the successful Swedish healthcare model. At Skåne Care, we pride ourselves in understanding your needs and adapting advice to your specific situation.

We have the patient in focus and have decades of experience from building the Swedish model of equal, professional and cost-efficient healthcare. In our model we are embedded as senior advisors to your leadership – providing step-by-step advice and support in implementation. Do not hesitate to contact us to find out how we can help you. 

We are Swedish Healthcare Excellence