Trauma Care

Continuous Evaluation and Improvement

Trauma is the main cause of death in the under 40s in the western hemisphere. While a quarter of cases result in death, three-quarters of victims become disabled, which, in addition to long suffering for the individual, is costly for society. Investing in excellent trauma care makes sense both for quality of life and long-term healthcare expenditure.

Skåne University Hospital’s trauma centre treats almost 2000 cases annually, 150 of which are paediatric patients. It is also a referral centre for neurosurgical, thoracic and spinal injuries for all of southern Sweden.

The implementation of the national quality registry for trauma (SweTrau) in 2011, in line with the European consensus protocol, ”The Utstein Template” is an important tool for clinical research and quality control. The registry enables continuous evaluation and improvement, with an overview of pre-, intra- and post-hospital trauma care.

trauma care

Case Study

In 2018 Skåne Care supported the start-up of a trauma centre at the First Hospital of Lanzhou University (FHLU) in China’s Gansu Province.


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