Our Patient Offer – Specialized Advanced Care

Skåne Care offers international patients access to medical treatment with world-class results within a large number of specialist areas.

Skåne Care, in collaboration with Skåne University Hospital, affiliated public hospitals and our private partners, offer the international patient access to world-class and affordable medical care in Sweden. Through us any international non-EU patient can inquire about our comprehensive healthcare services. Our partnered hospitals offer a wide range of services from medical evaluation to advanced surgeries, highly specialised treatments and long term rehabilitation.

If you are an international patient or a medical professional from a country outside of Sweden and EU, you are welcome to apply for, or refer, to medical care through us. Submitting a request is easy and free of charge. We help you with the application and make sure that your request is evaluated by a specialist in the specific field of your medical need.


lymphedema treatment

Skåne University Hospital has a special assignment from the National Board of Health and Welfare to be one of two national centres for Paediatric and adult Cardiothoracic surgery, Advanced Paediatric Surgery as well for Heart-and Lung transplants.


Application process for Medical Care treatment



Please fill in the application form in the link above together with all relevant medical documents. 


Once documents have been received, Skåne Care will verify availability and cost of medical care with the concerned clinic. We will respond to your inquiry within one or two weeks. If you can be offered treatment, we will present a brief treatment plan and an indicative cost for confirmation by you and/or your sponsor. Please note that the cost of treatment is individually set depending on the required intervention.


Once we receive a confirmation from you and/or your sponsor, we will confirm that the appointment with the medical provider and other requested services for your stay in Sweden are booked. You will need to ensure full financial coverage of the planned care and stay in advance through payment of a bill sent to your address or by submitting a payment guarantee from your sponsor.


The treatment plan and a supporting medical report will be sent to you in advance. If you need to apply for a visa, the medical report should be attached to your visa application which should be submitted at the earliest possible date. For more detailed information about visa applications, contact the Swedish Migration Agency.


If you have any questions, please contact us