Our Patient Offer

Skåne Care offers international patients access to medical treatment with world-class results.

Skåne Care, in collaboration with Skåne University Hospital, affiliated public hospitals and our private partners, offer the international patient access to world-class and affordable medical care in Sweden. Through us any international non-EU patient can inquire about our comprehensive healthcare services. Our partnered hospitals offer a wide range of services from medical evaluation to advanced surgeries, highly specialised treatments and long term rehabilitation.


lymphedema treatment

Skåne University Hospital has a special assignment from the National Board of Health and Welfare to be one of two national centres for Paediatric and adult Cardiothoracic surgery, Advanced Paediatric Surgery as well for Heart-and Lung transplants.

If you are an international patient or a medical professional from a country outside of Sweden and EU, you are welcome to apply for, or refer, to medical care through us. Submitting a request is easy and free of charge. We help you with the application and make sure that your request is evaluated by a specialist in the specific field of your medical need.


If you have any questions, please contact us