We offer comprehensive world-class healthcare for international patients, training programs for medical professionals, and healthcare consulting services for clinics, hospitals and administrators.

Skåne Care links you to the skills, services, expertise and excellence offered by the public healthcare system in southern Sweden.


Healthcare Consulting


Through government partnerships, we offer knowledge that can take your medical management to the next level.

Medical Care – Apply for treatment


Skåne Care offers international patients access to medical treatment with world-class results

Customized Training


Skåne Care offers tailored training and educational programmes to international individuals,  groups and institutions

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Skåne Care is the international gateway to the skills, services, and expertise offered by the public healthcare and dental care system of Region Skåne in Sweden’s southern province. We offer:

Healthcare consulting services for clinics, hospitals, and administrators.

 Wide network of both public and private partners in Sweden.

Collaboration with world-renowned Skåne University Hospital.

Our healthcare managers have over time developed the Swedish model – and are ready to take your healthcare to the next level. We offer you a government partnership where we bring the learning points from the Swedish model. Skåne Care pride ourselves in understanding your needs and adapting advice to your situation.

International patient referrals.

Skåne Care, in collaboration with Skåne University Hospital, affiliated public hospitals and our private partners, offer the international patient access to world-class and affordable medical care in Sweden. Through us any international non-EU patient can inquire about our comprehensive healthcare services. Our partnered hospitals offer a wide range of services from medical evaluation to advanced surgeries, highly specialised treatments and long term rehabilitation.

Education and Specialist training programmes for medical professionals.

Through Skåne Care, non-European doctors and dentists, with a governmental sponsorship can earn a specialist certificate from public health authorities within clinical training. In a highly structured training programme, 1,000 international and Swedish doctors and dentists are educated side-by-side with healthcare professionals and researchers.

Our specialist medical and dental training programs are regulated by the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare and follows the guidelines for the equivalent training of Swedish doctors and dentists.

We are Swedish Healthcare Excellence.