About Skåne Care

Skåne Care is the international gateway to the skills, services, and expertise offered by the public healthcare and dental care system of Region Skåne in Sweden’s southern province.

World-renowned Skåne University Hospital in Lund and Malmö is the hub within our wide network of specialised hospitals in ten locations, with around 150 primary healthcare clinics managed or funded by Region Skåne. 35,000 healthcare professionals serve Skåne’s 1.4 million residents as well as national and international referrals. Medical research, training and education is performed in close cooperation with Lund University and Malmö University.

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Healthcare in Skåne is outstanding because of collaboration among academic institutions, industries, and clinics. Every day in Skåne, research and clinical practice integrate and interact to push quality of healthcare forward.

Research and clinical collaboration has enriched Skåne’s healthcare system for decades. Today a major regional focus, connected health – such as eHealth, Digital Health, mHealth, Telehealth, and Telecare – is an area where highly skilled companies collaborate with care providers and researchers to develop tools for a viable market. These tools help create completely new opportunities to deliver healthcare and health information, enhance the quality of healthcare provided, coordinate healthcare activities, improve patient quality of life, and contribute to increased patient participation, independence, and security.


Skåne Care can help you improve and develop your healthcare system. 

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