Stroke Care

Fast, Effective Stroke Treatment

Stroke is one of the leading causes of serious, long-term disability. Skåne University Hospital’s stroke unit is one of Sweden’s leading academic stroke centres, with over 70 active researchers and two full-time stroke professors. We treat 1,400 patients per year in Malmö and Lund and provide a full range of services including primary, secondary and tertiary care.

Malmö offers among the fastest stroke care in the world. Clot-dissolving treatment is usually administered in under ten minutes after arrival at the hospital, which is well under Swedish guidelines. Our unique, fast-track solution is built on a multidisciplinary collaboration between the emergency ward, radiology and neurology departments and ambulance staff. 

Our stroke unit is composed of a wide range of professionals specializing in stroke management, from physicians and occupational therapists to neuropsychologists and social workers.

The core function of this unit is to provide a full range of services, including early acute management and rehabilitation.

A study carried out by Skåne University Hospital in collaboration with Lund University concluded that a patient undergoing a thrombectomy requires less long-term care and support than one being treated with thrombolysis, saving around 55,000 USD per patient. It also offers a higher chance of survival and reduced risk of damage and complications, while saving the hospital time and money due to better organisation and collaboration.


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