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The speciality of psychiatry is characterized by a deep knowledge in investigation, diagnostics treatment, care, rehabilitation and follow-up for patients with psychiatric diseases. At our centre of excellence in psychiatry, we meet patients with severe illness. We have a total of 100 physicians under specialist training at the clinic, in both pediatric- and adult psychiatry. We manage areas of adult psychiatry, forensic, addiction and pediatric and adolescent psychiatry. We offer acute care around the clock.

In close collaboration with Lund University we educate interns on the 11th semester of their education. During your specialist training you will have the possibility to conduct your own research with good support from active scientists, associate professors and professors.

You will have great support on the way by a mentor from the clinic and our team at Skåne Care, for keeping you on track and strive to get your specialist certificate in appointed time.

Study a medical residency within psychiatry in Sweden.