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Mastering Swedish is vital to gain the most from clinical training – and for doctors and dentists and their families to integrate more smoothly into society. Swedish is a requirement for patient contact, which is why international doctors start their training with a language course. Inside and outside the hospital, however, you will encounter a variety of cultures. More than 160 nationalities live in Skåne with 100 languages spoken. Proficient English is spoken with ease.

We offer an intensive course in Swedish for all candidates accepted to the specialist medical and dental training program, to efficiently learn Swedish to prepare for the clinical training. The education is performed with flexibility and our teachers can take the learning space to where you are!

Studies are full time (approximately 30h/week) including teacher led, online and self-studies, with the goal for students to reach Swedish level C1 (GERS) in 12 months. This meets requirements from the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare to be able to function within the Swedish healthcare system.


Moving to a new city or country is both exciting and challenging at the same time; Finding a home? Registering your children at school? Intercultural training? Getting a Swedish personal number and ID-card? Opening a bank account and applying for social insurance cover? The questions are many and the unfamiliar territory might be intimidating – but with the professional help from Nordic Relocation Group, provided through Skåne Care, the pathway will be smooth and the impact of the relocation, less dramatic. 

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The goal with Relocation service is to make the move to Sweden welcoming and comfortable, creating the best possible conditions for a new life in Sweden!

Before jumping on plane to the north, a residency permit is required from the Swedish Migration Agency. This needs to be applied for approximately 3 months prior to your arrival and all necessary information can be found on their website: Migrationsverket

About Sweden and Skåne

Skåne is a province located at the most southern tip of Sweden, just a stone’s throw across the water from bustling Copenhagen in Denmark. The province is well known for it’s beautiful scenery, outstanding culinary experiences and high quality of life.


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