Primary Care

Optimal Treatment Through Primary Care

Combined efforts for prevention and early detection with e-health and effective triage have proven a powerful tool to deliver high quality, cost-effective healthcare. Today, 80% of all medical visits in Sweden are handled by primary care workers, costing just 20% of the country’s healthcare budget.

High-quality nursing training that exceeds national standards enables nurses to effectively run the system, freeing up doctors to perform advanced tasks. Sweden has the lowest number of contact with doctors per capita in the developed world, yet the population is among the healthiest globally.

Access to primary healthcare helps reduce unnecessary visits to the hospital emergency departments. Centres are often located at the hospital and are open out of hours to triage and provide the right level of care. And with our system, many procedures that used to require hospital admission can now be carried out at home, saving time, money and reducing the risk of hospital-acquired infections. Advanced mobile teams literally bring the hospital to the patient, improving outcome and quality of life.

Primary care

Strengths of the model

  • Team optimisation through task shifting and effective triage models
  • PPP solutions – public financing supports public and private provision
  • Integration of primary and specialist care
  • Strong prevention perspective, including lifestyle disease
  • Documentation and monitoring for quality assurance
  • Methodology development and training is an integral part of everyday work


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