Quality Registries

World leader in Quality Registries

Clinical quality registries (QR) are a key success factor to better healthcare for all. Sweden has a long-standing tradition collecting healthcare data in quality registries. With over 100 medical disciplines covered, our registries provide invaluable insights into medical interventions, procedures, and outcomes.

Furthermore, the quality registries serve as a unique asset for medical research. Over the past decade, Sweden have witnessed significant advancements in quality registry-based research, resulting in hundreds of research publications each year.

Standardised Pathways to Safety and Savings

Based on goals to follow up on procedure and outcome data through Quality Registries, in 2015, we introduced nationwide patient-centric standardised pathways (SP) for over 50 types of cancer treatments. They proved so successful in securing best practice and rapid, equal treatment, that in 2020 the concept was expanded to 11 other clinical areas, including stroke, sepsis, osteoarthritis and dementia. More recent additions include palliative care, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, epilepsy, and traumatic brain injury.

Structured, cross-functional paths tailored to the patient’s needs, ensures patient safety and cost effectiveness. The patient’s journey remains individual and variations are used to improve the pathway in the next iteration.




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