Government to Government Advisors

Skåne Care is a publicly owned government entity, empowered to lead international collaborations.

Through our network of experienced medical and care specialists throughout Sweden, we can build the team you need to drive your change

Healthcare advisor

Our medical experts work within the Swedish healthcare system; many holding senior positions with key responsibilities and up-to-date experience. 


Whether you seek competencies to support you part-time remotely or a team of highly skilled consultants to join you onsite as Subject Matter Experts, we have the help and skills you need.

The challenge for a modern public healthcare system is how to reach goals and raise standards at a reasonable cost, with minimal disruption for patients and services. Mistakes and corner cutting can be costly and hard to rectify. Getting approval on all levels can be a challenge, to say the least, but we can help. With the patient in focus and decades of experience in building the Swedish model of equal, professional and cost-effective healthcare, we can provide step-by-step advice and support during implementation.


Got a complex healthcare challenge? 

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