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We offer world-class health and medical care!

Sweden is in the top rankings internationally for having the consistently highest level of quality in healthcare. As well as the longest life expectancy globally. We are also the number one EU innovation leader.

Skåne Care’s international patient offer delivers world-class care, with the advantages of easy administration and financial arrangements. Based on the Swedish healthcare system, where the patient safety and their wellbeing is the guiding principle in care delivery. We ensure patients have access to everything from medical evaluations and second opinions, to advanced surgeries and long-term rehabilitation programs. With our devoted team on hand to help you and deal with all the paperwork on the Swedish side. We focus on the details, so that our patients can concentrate on their recovery.

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Osseointegrated implants

Lymphedema & Lipoedema

Pediatric cardiac surgery

Thoracic surgery

Haematology Diseases


If you are an international patient or a medical professional from a country outside of Sweden and EU, you are welcome to apply for, or refer, to medical care through us. Submitting a request to us is easy and free of charge. We will help you with the application. We will also make sure that your request is evaluated by a specialist in the specific field of your medical need.