Pediatric cardiac surgery

Pediatric Heart Surgery, life saving surgery for the youngest

At Skåne University hospital (SUS) centre for paediatric cardiac surgery around 350 heart surgical procedures are performed annually with top international results . Because of its high quality, the centre also treats all Icelandic children with congenital heart defects.

The centre is the largest in Scandinavia and is one of two in Sweden. All forms of surgical treatment are offered to children born with heart defects, including heart transplantation and mechanical heart support for children on waiting lists.

Early diagnosis and early treatment are important in congenital heart defects as children with untreated heart failure suffer from for example  growth failure and lung problems that complicate surgery.

At SUS about 60 percent of children who undergo surgery for congenital heart disease is younger than 1 year old. The mortality rate is below 1 percent.

Multidisciplinary teams work together at the hospital to meet children’s medical, emotional, cognitive, and psychosocial needs. It offers the latest therapies, diagnostic tools, and clinical trials in a family-friendly environment. Other needs are cared for too, like a hospital school, playroom, sibling/family support, physiotherapy, and if necessary, accommodation.

Medical professionals with special competence staff the all-age intensive care unit for complicated heart surgeries, surgical diseases, and acute infectious and paediatric diseases.