E-health and Digital Prescriptions

E-health and Digitization Save Costs and Lives

With the global population ageing, a rise in chronic diseases and our ability to treat conditions that were once fatal, E-health is a vital part of the modern healthcare toolkit. Let Skåne Care bring your medical management into the digital age.

Three reasons to integrate e-health in your healthcare system:

1. Economy

 Cost efficiency is a key driver for management and government to push for digital innovation. With a limit on GDP spending on healthcare, E-health offers a good return on investment – paying for itself within a year in some cases. Virtually every aspect of healthcare has untapped potential to leverage the power of digitization and deliver more for less.

2. Results

Enhanced digitization saves lives. By streamlining and prioritizing relevant data, monitoring and early detection through AI can spot conditions earlier, resulting in more favourable outcomes. Sweden has over 100 centralised digital National Quality Registries, enabling integrated and active continuous learning, improvement, research and management to create the best possible healthcare outcomes. Skåne Care offers access to this valuable resource

3. Convenience

A government’s healthcare promise must extend beyond merely curing illness. We offer many e-solutions, such as a platform based on Sweden’s “1177” which offers free services 24/7. Extensive self-service options, such as access to own medical records, appointment booking, prescriptions and ordering tests, along with a virtual healthcare encyclopedia is complemented by interaction with qualified medical staff.

Case Study

Digital Prescriptions were introduced in Sweden after extensive review and input from other European countries. The entire development and running cost was recovered in the first year.  Using AI to ensure the efficacy of medicine and alert doctors to conflicting medication led to reduced adverse effects. With additional benefits, such as reduced paperwork, better inventory control, legibility and fraud protection, digital prescriptions save time and money.

The first e-prescription

The world’s first e-prescription was dispensed at pharmacy Apoteket Tre Rosor in Jönköping, Sweden in 1983. This first e-prescription had come about through a collaboration between Apoteksbolaget and the county council in Jönköping County.

In the mid-1990s, it was time for trials on a larger scale. After five trial years, Apoteksbolaget made the final decision in 1999 to invest heavily in e-prescriptions. The time had come – now even medical record systems in primary care had begun to be digitalised.

The development has continued in a positive direction, and in 2022 e-prescriptions are default in Sweden, bringing usage to almost 100%. Safer and at much lower cost than before.


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