Thoracic surgery

In all aspects of cardiac surgery, Skåne University Hospital (SUS) 
provides world-class results.

The department of cardiothoracic surgery at SUS, the largest of two centres in Sweden, are performing all national heart and lung transplantation together with surgeries for adults with congenital heart defects (GUCH). The very first lung transplantation in the nordic countries took place at Skåne University Hospital in 1990 and since then more then 350 lung transplantations have been performed. In 2001 the worlds first DCD lung transplantation was accomplished here.

The department annually conducts 1,200 open heart surgeries, 550 general thoracis surgeries, 35 heart transplants and 25 lung transplants.
The 1-year survival rate for heart transplants is 96.2% and the 30-day mortality rate (0.7%) for coronary bypass surgery at SUS is very low. 

It is the first centre in Scandinavia with the da Vinci system for robot-assisted minimally invasive cardiac surgery. They also perform comrehensive coardiothoracic surgeries, including all treatments for coronary and valvular disease.

The intense reserach activity in the department covers all aspects of cardiothoracic surgery, transplantation and nursing. The department produces around 60 publications annually in international reviewed scientific journals.

SUS can not, due to regulations in organdonations, offer heart and lung transplantation. But we are happy to accept applications for patients in need of heart and or vessel surgery.