Rehabilitation medicine

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Through our specialist medical training program in Rehabilitation medicine at our CARF-accredited clinic you will become a competent medical specialist in:

  • Rehabilitation and traumatic and vascular injuries and diseases
  • Rehabilitation of other injuries and diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system that lead to comprehensive disability
  • Rehabilitation in cases of chronic pain

Furthermore, you will have knowledge of rehabilitation in case of disability of locomotive organs or chronic neurological disease, the management of internal medical complications and conditions that can arise during rehabilitation, have knowledge of the management of adult rehabilitation, have a command of the psychological consequences of disease for patients and their family, and have a command of the effects of psychiatric disorders on rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation medicine is a part of a bigger unit with about 700 co-workers also including neurology, memory diseases and geriatrics The clinic has many co-workers with a doctoral degree and active postgraduates in many different professions, together with on-going studies in many areas, in close cooperation with Lund University.

Study a medical residency within rehabilitation in Sweden.