Paediatric Dentistry

Application Closed

As a specialist training dentist within the speciality of paediatric dentistry you will get in-depth knowledge of the specific conditions and needs in children and adolescents dental health. Within the speciality you will work with examination, diagnosis and treatment of patients made up of children and adolescents with complex care needs. They can have both systemic diseases and disabilities, present with complex dental problems.  

 The field of competence includes: 

  • advanced knowledge of normal child and adolescent development and growth, 
  • advanced knowledge of diseases and conditions that specifically 

affect growing individuals, 

  • knowledge of the connections between lifestyle factors and child and adolescent health, 
  • examination, diagnosis, prevention, treatment and follow-up of children and adolescents with oral diseases or conditions or disturbances, 
  • advanced knowledge of the specific circumstances and needs of children and adolescents during dental care.