IVF Services

Skåne Care, through Skåne University Hospital, offers world-leading IVF quality at an affordable price


Top international quality with high success rates of 38% for one cycle, 70% for three cycles (fresh or frozen).
Personalized hormone treatment, at home or in Sweden.
IVF/ICSI with own eggs or with egg donation (own donor)
With own sperm or donated sperm.
Total time for treatment in Sweden is 2-3 weeks.
Single embryo is standard (91% of cases), but double embryo transfer is available on request.
Low twin pregnancy rate of only 2.5%.


Competitive prices.
Only medically motivated services are supplied, extras only on request, no risk of over-charging.
A detailed price quote is always supplied in advance.


35 years of experience, the first IVF infant in Skåne was born in 1983.
Every year 1,800 patients receive IVF at Skåne University Hospital (1,200 fresh cycles and 600 frozen cycles).


Among the largest university hospitals in Sweden with close association with Lund University, which is one of the top 100 in the world. Professors in reproductive medicine are affiliated with the clinic, which allows for integrating groundbreaking research into medical services.


Skåne University Hospital is a public hospital with safe and long-term storage of embryos and eggs.
Rigorous hospital hygiene contributes to Sweden being among the countries with the lowest prevalence of multi-resistant bacteria in the world.


Heterosexual couples, single women and homosexual couples .
Maximum age of female is 40 years.
No possibility to choose gender.
Body Mass Index maximum 30.


Ovarian tissue, egg and sperm cryo preservation, andrological examinations such as erectile dysfunction and hormone treatments.


The latest technology is available, such as a time-lapse incubator and robotic vitrification, to ensure that patients have the very best chances to achieve pregnancy.


Skåne Care will support you all the way and navigate through the process and make all administrative arrangements. We can coordinate transportation, accommodation, interpreters, back-up functions for practical advice and support, supporting documents for visa requests, tourism activities, and so on.
IVF and egg freezing are performed as outpatient care, so you can stay in comfort at the hotel close to the hospital.