Medical Residency

Our specialist medical training programme for international doctors

Study a specialty in Skåne

Through Skåne Care, non-European doctors, with a governmental sponsorship can earn a specialist certificate from public health authorities within clinical training. In a highly structured training programme, 1,000 international and Swedish doctors are educated side-by-side with healthcare professionals and researchers. The programme is regulated by the National Board of Health and Welfare follows the guidelines for the equivalent training of Swedish doctors. All training occurs at university hospitals and public training hospitals.

A goal-oriented residency program

Our specialist medical training program is an individual goal-oriented program including hands-on clinical training and external medical courses in accordance with the directives of the National Board of Health and Welfare grouped into two overall goal categories:

  1. Speciality-specific goals indicating the skills and medical approaches needed to be able to conduct tasks independently within the chosen specialisation.
  2. cross-sectional goals mandator for all specialisations, e.g. leadership and communication, quality and patient safety assurance, palliative care and disease prevention.

Participation in research and quality development work as well as independent scientific work is an integral part of the individual’s development towards certification.

Each specialty qualification requires completion of an individually defined plan over a minimum of three years, which includes hands-on clinical training (main part of the specialist training program), internal and external dental courses (including diploma courses, literature review seminars, seminars, therapy discussions) in a goal-oriented program. Number of treated patients can vary between different specialty areas. Participation in research and quality development work is an integral part of the individual’s development towards certification. Our training programs are certified with a Tier-A status by Saudi Minister of Health since 2018.

Learning Swedish

Mastering Swedish is vital to gain the most from clinical training – and for doctors and their families to integrate more smoothly into society. Swedish is a requirement for patient contact, which is why international doctors start their training with a language course. Inside and outside the hospital, however, you will encounter a variety of cultures. More than 160 nationalities live in Skåne with 100 languages spoken. Proficient English is spoken with ease.

Doctors that are interested in PhD programs apply through the Faculty of Medicine at Lund University.

Through the programme, every doctor:

  • Receives an individually designed curriculum following the Swedish model.
  • Can study for a full specialist medical training in a minimum of 5 years and/or complete a sub-specialty training fellowship of minimum 2 years.
  • Earns a certificate issued by Skåne University Hospital and the National Board of Health and Welfare upon successful completion of training.
  • Begins a 12-18 month introduction course upon arrival, including Swedish language training and clinical introduction.
  • Has access to relocation support, including help with finding a home, local orientation, and settling-in services.
  • Has dedicated support on a day-to-day basis through our international office at Skåne University Hospital.


Do you require clinical experience for candidates applying for the specialist training?
Yes, having a minimum of 2 years clinical experience at the time of application is a pre-requisite for applying for the program. For information about other application requirements, please visit our specialist training webpage.

I have booked a TOEFL test and the result will be available after the application deadline. Is it ok to submit my application without the English proficiency test?
It is of highly importance to submit your application for registration before the application deadline in the form of ONE PDF document. The English proficiency test result should be sent as soon as available after the deadline for you to be considered in the respective selection period.

Shall I wait for a confirmation after submitting my application?
You will receive a confirmation once your application is registered, latest one week after the application deadline. Please make sure that you submit a complete application in ONE PDF document and wait for our confirmation. If you don’t receive a confirmation e-mail latest 10 days after the application deadline, you are welcome to contact us at

Which start points do you have for the different specialist training programs?
We have two startpoints per year for the introduction period. Accepted candidates can join the program either in February or October. The program start points are subject to change if deemed necessary by Skåne Care’s selection committee to meet different planning purposes.

My application to the specialist training program got rejected, can I re-apply in the coming rounds?
Re-applications are in general not accepted. However, if the rejection is for instance due to insufficient clinical experience, you are welcome to re-apply once you have fulfilled the pre-requisite of clinical experience. If you are not sure about whether or not to apply, please proceed with submitting your application and we will get back to you as soon as we have done an evaluation of your documents.

Do you accept private applicants to the specialist program?
Skåne Care coordinates specialist training for non-EU doctors holders of sponsorship covering the training fees in addition to personal and accompanying family members expenses (accommodation, travel, medical insurance, school fee and other living expenses).

Do you offer sub-specialization or fellowship programs?
Fellowship programs within a wide range of specialist areas are, at the moment, offered for international candidates after completing their specialist training program through Skåne Care. We are in the process of making this available for external applicants. More information about this will be available on our website in the near future. Otherwise, please contact

Training departments

Departments must fulfil three formal conditions in order to be authorized for delivery of specialist training, to ensure that program delivery maintains the highest standards:

  • A study director, also a specialist doctor, is responsible for the design and progression of each individual curriculum following the regulations of the board.
  • Supervisors formally qualified for supervision of doctors in specialist training.
  • Qualified employees who can provide the necessary instructions on activity-specific
    techniques and approaches.

Hospital departments are responsible for quality assurance through systematic inspection
and evaluation of patient safety, educational conditions, work conditions etc. In addition, an
external party without economic and administrative connections to the respective
clinic/department will perform inspections to ensure that requirements are fulfilled and a
high-quality standard is guaranteed.


Evaluation of the candidate’s clinical skills development to set goals is done continuously throughout the program by the head of department and the candidate’s supervisor. Progress to each individual goal is formally tested through active daily work in clinical settings, through certifications from external courses as well as practical examinations. Once fulfilment of all goals has been documented, the candidate may request that a certificate for completion of specialist medical training be issued from Skåne University Hospital and the National Board of Health and Welfare.


In order to be eligible to apply for specialist training you need to fulfill requirements about experience and conditions:

  • I have a relevant M.D. degree and graduation certificate with a GPA average of 65% or higher.
  • I have at least two (2) years of clinical experience.
  • I have a financial guarantee from my country covering tuition fees and my living expenses for whole training period including introduction year if needed.
  • I speak English fluently and can provide a TOEFL or IELTS test result of level B2 or above.
  • I can travel to Sweden on own expenses to meet the clinic and Skåne Care.
  • I understand that I will undergo training without a Swedish license and will not be able to work after my training as a doctor in Sweden.
  • I understand that I will receive my certificate from Skåne University Hospital and the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare.
  • I understand that I need to speak Swedish fluently according to level C1 (CEFR) before I enter the specialist training program, which involves an introduction period in Sweden of up to 18 months.


The application form shall be accompanied by following documents in English to be complete. Please send completed and signed form together with required documents in ONE PDF file to: Incomplete applications will not be processed.

  • Max One (1) page personal letter including goals and expectations
  • Max Two (2) page CV, including educational periods and employment periods
  • Transcript copy
  • Graduation certificate copy
  • TOEFL or IELTS certificate copy
  • Max three (3) reference letters
  • Copy of Financial Guarantee
  • Passport copy




Rabea Kashkeri specialist graduate in Psychiatry, fellowship in mood and anxiety disorders. Read more about Rabeas experience here.