Vascular anomalies

Skåne houses the largest multidisciplinary centre for vascular malformations and tumours in Scandinavia. The centre is well-known for its excellence in diagnostic and treatment procedures. Our multidisciplinary team works closely to use all available means – according to the latest scientific knowledge for safest treatments and best outcomes – in diagnostic and treatment procedures. The department has a very well and diverse equipped laser park.

The centre is connected with Nordic Society of Vascular Anomalies since 1994 and with the eminent International Society of Vascular Anomalies since 1996. The clinic is closely linked to research at Lund University and has a well-developed contact and collaboration with leading centres in Europe and the rest of the world.

The hospital’s videoconference facility in a round table formation not only enables distance participation in conferences but includes workstations for CT/MR, histological images, visual light images and patients’ records. Hospitals in Denmark, Norway and Finland have joined conferences through cyber space. This has been a great advantage in treating an acute neonate case with a severe life-threatening anomaly.