Psychiatry Skåne offers assessment, evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation help within a wide range of diagnoses, for example neuropsychiatric functional impairments, post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar disorders, anxiety and phobias, eating disorders, dependency problems, depression, self-harming behaviour, psychoses and schizophrenia.

Psychiatry Skåne is staffed with approximately 3,000 employees. Through the Clinical Psychiatric Research Center we integrate high quality care with clinical research at Lund University. Our team of experts includes several prominent researchers in fields like depression, suicidology, psychoimmunology, anorexia, ADHD, addiction, and epidemiology.

A prominent example of a multidisciplinary approach is the Centre for Evidence-based Psychosocial Interventions for people with severe mental illness (CEPI), a Swedish National centre of excellence, performing research in the field of psychosocial interventions and life situation in the community for people with a severe mental illness.