Skåne Care Provides International Doctors with New Perspectives

In October and November ten Chinese doctors joined an observership programme at Skåne University Hospital with the aim to learn about Swedish healthcare, both on a clinical specialty level and an organizational level, and to bring back new knowledge and perspectives to their clinical work in China. Besides shadowing their Swedish colleagues at the hospital they were also given a theoretical study programme and study visits; all to maximize their eight weeks in Skåne and gain an in-depth understanding of the Swedish healthcare system.

On conclusion of the programme the Chinese doctors were glowing about their experience in Skåne. Apart from the newly acquired clinical knowledge, they were impressed with how friendly, helpful and welcoming everyone was, and they quickly felt at home in Malmö/Lund and in Sweden.

Three things that made a particularly strong impression on the Chinese doctors were the collaboration between different disciplines and between laboratory research and clinical practice; the teamwork within clinical departments, especially between doctors and nurses; and the doctor-patient communication and the focus on patients’ psychological well-being and physical comfort in connection with medical care.

One of the mentors, Dr Jan Lillienau, Head of Gastroenterology at Skåne University Hospital and Professor at Lund University, summarizes the value of international collaboration in the following way:

“It gives input from other countries and how they work and that’s always interesting. And I also hope that we can bring them knowledge that they haven’t had before, impressions on how we work. […] I think it’s very important that we as a university hospital do this, because we should always try to get influence and information from other countries.”