Medical Treatment

Our international patient offer

World-class care

Skåne Care offers international patients access to medical treatment with world-class results. Patients can receive everything from medical evaluations and second opinions to advanced surgeries, highly specialised treatments, and long-term rehabilitation programmes.

Requesting care is easy. Skåne Care navigates the process and makes all adminstrative and financial arrangements on the Swedish side. A devoted and efficient team is ready to help, just an email or phone call away. Our team focuses on the details, allowing patients to focus on the care. For individual patients or groups of patients, we can also coordinate:

  • Transportation to/from airport-accommodation-hospital.
  • Accommodation – with or without a kitchenette.
  • Interpreters inside and outside the hospital.
  • Back-up functions for practical advice and support.
  • Supporting documents for visa requests.


Skåne Care and our partners work to ensure that patients’ needs are thoroughly evaluated and met. This dedication reflects the Swedish healthcare system as a whole, where patient safety is the guiding principle in care delivery. For example, infection control measures have secured a low prevalence of MRB, which means patients run a much lower risk of contracting multi-resistant bacteria in Swedish hospitals than elsewhere.


“The medical professionals were dedicated and the outcome is very positive. Today I have a happy son who can walk.”

Sultan Al Rashidi

Doctor and patient


Multidisciplinary teams work together at the Children’s Hospital within Skåne University Hospital to meet children’s medical, emotional, cognitive, and psychosocial needs. The hospital offers the latest therapies, diagnostic tools, and clinical trials in a family-friendly environment.

Other needs are cared for too, like a hospital school, playroom, sibling/family support, physiotherapy, and if necessary, accommodation. Medical professionals with special competence staff the all-age intensive care unit for complicated heart surgeries, surgical diseases, and acute infectious and paediatric diseases.

How to apply

Treatment inquiry and appointment

Please follow the steps below to request medical treatment if you are from outside the European Union.If you have any questions, read our FAQ or contact us at
For larger groups of patients or any questions, please contact our team.

1. Medical care request

Please fill in the application form and send together with:

To protect sensitive personal information you can send documents as encrypted data or to Skåne Care AB, Trollebergsvägen 5, 222 29 Lund, Sweden.

2. Availability and estimated cost

Once documents have been received, Skåne Care will verify availability and cost of medical care with the concerned clinic. We will respond to your inquiry within one or two weeks. If you can be offered treatment, we will present a brief treatment plan and an indicative cost for confirmation by you and/or your sponsor. Please note that the cost of treatment is individually set depending on the required intervention.

3. Confirmation and payment

Once we receive a confirmation by you and/or your sponsor, we will confirm the appointment with the medical provider and other requested services for your stay in Sweden are booked. You will need to ensure full financial coverage of the planned care and stay in advance through payment of a bill sent to your address or submission a payment guarantee from your sponsor.

4. Logistics and visa

The treatment plan and a supporting medical report will be sent to you in advance. If you need to apply for visa, the medical report should be attached to your visa application which should be submitted at the earliest possible date. For more detailed information about visa applications, see the Swedish Migration Board.

Our visiting medical professionals

bring our clinical expertise to you

Skåne Care can send Swedish medical expertise to you. Specialist doctors, specialist nurses, or complete teams of experienced medical personnel can travel to your country to boost your organisation with the medical skills you need. Our visiting medical professional programme is flexible and creates a solution that works for you.

The programme can:

  • Provide a wide range of skills at different levels.
  • Send an individual or team.
  • Arrange a single visit or a long-term series of regular visits.