Unique stroke expertise from Skåne to the United Arab Emirates

Stroke care in Skåne is outstanding and among the best in the world. The stroke model in Skåne will now be exported to the United Arab Emirates, where stroke is one of the most common causes of death.

The costs of stroke for society is higher than for any other diagnosis. Modern stroke treatment comes with a large number of positive effects for both patients and their families. The greatest gain is achieved if necessary treatment of affected vessels, for example through thrombolysis, is done as early as possible in the treatment process. Optimal care at a stroke unit reduces the mortality rates and contributes to better results for all stroke patients, including those who do not receive thrombolysis. An efficient stroke unit requires a well-organised team with specialists from a wide range of disciplines who jointly focus on the acute treatment logistics.

The stroke care in the United Arab Emirates is not fully developed throughout the country as a whole. Today patients in the northern parts of the country have to be transported to Dubai, which involves delays and increased risks for the patients. Region Skåne, through its company Skåne Care and with experts from Skåne University Hospital, will contribute to the establishment of a multidisciplinary stroke unit at the public hospital Sheikh Khalifa Medical City in Ajman, an emirate north of Dubai. As a first step the expert team will make a high-quality analysis of the current situation and give concrete recommendations for actions and next steps. This work will start already in the autumn.

Dr. Jesper Petersson, Head of Department of Neurology and Rehabilitation Medicine at Skåne University Hospital, thinks that it is a matter of course that the hospital in Skåne should share their knowledge of stroke with a hospital abroad:

“We have a very well-functioning stroke unit in Skåne and and we are happy to share our methods. The project also gives our staff a stimulating challenge. We think that we can learn a great deal through interacting with healthare providers in other countries. It can contribute to a greater understanding of treating patients from other cultural backgrounds, who may have other demands and expectations. This benefits stroke patients in Skåne.”

Mikal Rosén, CEO of Skåne Care:

“Region Skåne has previously contributed to the establishment of a diabetes centre at the hospital in Ajman through Skåne Care and Skåne University Hospital. This new collaboration confirms that our model works and is valued by our international partners. Not only does the project contribute financially to healthcare in Skåne, it is also a recognition of the strength of our expertise.

About Sweden, Skåne and Skåne Care

The quality of healthcare in Sweden is consistently top-ranked internationally. Skåne Care links international partners to the skills, services and expertise offered by Region Skåne, the public healthcare authority in southern Sweden. World-renowned Skåne University Hospital is the hub within our wide network of hospitals and clinics. The stroke unit at Skåne University Hospital is a leading academic stroke centre in Sweden and provides a full range of services including primary, secondary and tertiary care.

Skåne is Sweden’s most southerly province and forms the link between Sweden and Europe, with the major European city of Copenhagen only 30 minutes away across the Oresund Bridge.