Successful first batch of students

Skåne Care, Malmö University and Lund University have successfully completed training for the first batch of students from the diploma program in diabetes and clinical care together with Fatima College of Health Science, United Arab Emirates. The program is at post-graduate level and renders a diploma from Malmö University.

Diabetes is a major challenge to many countries worldwide and the Arabic region in particular where as many as 20-25% of the population may be affected. The region of Skåne and Sweden as a whole has leading research and clinical practise in diabetes. We value international partnerships where we can build a local best practice based on our experience and at the same time gain new insights into the challenges and dynamics of diabetes in other regions.

Prime teachers and experts from the universities have delivered the diploma program on site in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. 27 students have successfully mastered the curriculum built up by theoretical modules as well as clinical practice. The students have acquired a deeper understanding of methods for preventing and treating diabetes as well as the concept of the Swedish model for efficient and quality controlled practise.

– The only way to fight the increasing challenge of diabetes in the UAE is to increase the number of diabetes nurses, doctors and educators. Therefor I am very happy that all 27 students today successfully have completed this important program, Dr Moahmmed Hag-Ali, Head of Academic Affairs, Fatima College.

This is the first time that Malmö University and Lund University have collaborated in delivery of a training program abroad, facilitated by Skåne Care. This model has been successful and partners intend to continue their collaboration in future programmes, as there is a clear benefit to all parties and involved experts.

– We are happy with the success of this program. It is a positive addition to our previous experience in the field of diabetes in the UAE, which also includes supporting the establishment of a high-quality reference centre in Ajman through expert advice, quality assurance and targeted training, Mikael Rosén, Chief Executive Officer, Skåne Care.