Doctors from the Gansu Province Shadow Clinical Expertise in Skåne

Skåne Care are delighted to welcome ten doctors from the Gansu Province in China, who arrived in Skåne in October to join an observership program for eight weeks at Skåne University Hospital. After an intensive introduction week they joined the clinical departments at the hospital sites in Malmö in Lund in mid-October, where they will spend seven weeks shadowing their Swedish colleagues within the fields of kidney transplantation, urology, hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery, anaesthesiology and intensive care, gastroenterology, gynaecological oncology and infectious diseases.

The aim of the program is for the Gansu doctors to learn about Swedish healthcare, both on a clinical and an organizational level, with the long-term goal to benefit public healthcare in the Gansu Province through new knowledge and perspectives. In parallel, Skåne University Hospital will also gain new insights and perspectives from the Gansu doctors.


The group got a brief tour of Lund during their introduction week, here guided by Petra Chaponda from International Office at Region Skåne.